Membrane Filtration Systems

Membrane Filtration Systems

In water treatment membrane filtration is the technique with the lowest operation costs used to remove particles and salts in the water. For this area, ProMinent offers multiple and high quality systems.

Membrane filtration is a physical procedure for particle separation by means of semi-permeable membranes. There are 4 types of technologies, depending on the size of the particles/molecules, that are to be removed:

The following overview shows the limits to the technologies:

MicrofiltrationUltrafiltration  NanofiltrationReverse Osmosis
Size of Particle

> 0.1 µm

> 500 000 Da

0.1 - 0.01 µm 

1 000 - 500 000 Da

 0.01 - 0.001 µm

100 - 1 000 Da

< 0.001 µm

< 100 Da

 Type of Particle

suspended particles,

colloidal haze,

oil emulsions

Macro molecules,

bacteria, cells, viruses, proteins 

Micro molecular organic compoundsIons 

From these technologies ProMinent has specialized on plants for nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. ProMinent specialists with their detailled branch knowledge have not only the capacity to compile the optimal plant for the respective application but also provide complete water treatment solutions from one source consisting of products of the large ProMinent product range.

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